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Hello Again!

New posts coming soon!

Hello Again!

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New entries, coming soon!


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When I put on hiatus, I hadn't given a lot of thought to what would bring me back - Sometimes when I get tired of a pursuit, I never find it again. But I'm starting to miss regular food writing, and having a place to put down ideas, highlight new restaurants, and promote vegetarian food I love.

So I guess I'm relaunching.

I don't have a hard timetable about how often I'll post, or even what I'll post about, but there's a lot happening out there. And some topics (like vegetarian Mexican food - see my post below) keep coming back to haunt me, so I'm sure we'll see some themes. If you want to see all my updates, follow me on twitter (veggiefoodblog) or subscribe to my RSS feed. I'm looking forward to being back - thanks for reading!

Cover Story

vnanewsletter.jpgHello Readers! A quick update to let you all know that yours truly has the cover story on this month's Vegetarian Network of Austin newsletter, "Austin Vegetarian Living". It's about how to eat vegetarian/vegan at Mexican restaurants (and how difficult it can be).

I'm hoping to start posting here more, with links to other great blogs and original stuff. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

On Hiatus

Hello food readers! As you may have noticed, posting here has slowed to a now non-existent trickle. Between being busy with real life, my camera dying, and baking slowing way down due to general summertime weather, there's been less to post.

The best way to be notified when I start posting again is to subscribe to this blog's feed or follow TofuFighting on Twitter.Either way, you'll see the new posts as they happen. Happy eating!

March Recap

Back on March 3, I read on Cynthia's Furey and the Feast that she was challenging herself to post every weekday in March - five posts a week, and something new every day. I write other places daily, and it's tough. Food blogging can be even tougher, since there's "action" photography and extensive recipe testing and writeups involved. I decided to take her challenge as well, and I'm glad I did.

I had 21 posts in March, including eight recipes, two cupcake posts, five questions, and even a post featuring tofu.Some days I kinda went through the motions, but I really like having to post so regularly. That said, I'm not sure April will feature a post a day - but it will feature a new theme - very likely a couple savory dishes a week. Thanks for reading!

Burrito Based Economy

I love burritos. I love search engine manipulation. What fun is a food blog if you don't use both together?

I noticed this morning that there were no results on either Google or Yahoo! for the phrase "burrito based economy" - I was sure someone, at some point, would have used those words in that order, but apparently not. I wrote about it on my regular blog this morning, and within the hour, there was one hit for the phrase - my site.

While I just find it funny, lots of websites would give their left knee for such quick indexing by The Google. I link here from there quite often - we'll see how fast TofuFighting gets on the burrito bandwagon. If it's fast, I should start selling links...

Update: I hadn't checked until just now (9:10pm), but this post is now the top result for the search. Nice.

A post a day? Really?

My friend Cyn, writer of the much-prettier-than-tofufighting Furey and the Feast, has given herself a challenge - post every weekday in March.


I post every weekday at my "regular" blog, Lemme tell ya - it's not easy. There tends to be enough general stuff happening in my life, however, to fill up a few sentences every morning - sometimes 4, sometimes 20. But food blogging tends to be a little more intensive, with more photos, more documentation (recipes, reviews, etc.) and a more narrative feel. All that takes time, doubly so if you want a dash of quality thrown in.

Being a masochist, liking a challenge, and needing an excuse to get the ball rolling here, I'm going to try the same thing. Some days will be big posts with pictures, recipes, and commentary. Others might just have a mini-review of a new product or restaurant. And some days, I might just ask you a question and fill my self-imposed quota.

It is still my site, after all.

So let's get started with the quota-filling question: What foods are you reluctant (or just plain unwilling) to try/use? It could be for any reason: I don't use eggplant because it always tastes bad to me, and I'm allergic to it's family (though I love a lot of the other members). As a vegetarian, this tends to make my life a little more difficult than it needs to be. Alas, for cooking there's always zucchini, which can often be substituted well.

How about you?

Welcome to!

Oh, hello.

While this is the first post on the new food blog, I feel like I'm just returning from a short time off. For about a year and a half, I wrote the occasionally food-related Liberal Atheist Vegetarian blog at the OC Register. That was a mix of food, religion and politics, and most of the "Food" was restaurant and product news and reviews. While those things will surely show up here, We're gonna talk recipes, ingredients, food finds, and a host of other things too.

So, yes, hello.

It's not that I need another blog, it's that I just love food. And from what I can gather about other food bloggers, we're all voyeurs, and love taking a peek in each other's kitchens, so to speak. So here I am. Believe you me there'll be a post as "food photos/writing as porn" someday soon.

On that topic, this space will hopefully serve to help me improve my food photography, which I've always thought was lacking. Well, there's plenty of time for that, surely.

This is a work in progress, so if there's something you like, or would like to see, let me know. If you're a food blogger yourself, we'll share links to each other and everyone will be happy. Thanks for reading, happy eating, and let's get going!

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