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blueshirt.jpgMichael Doss is Tofu Fighting, and lovin' it. He started this site in 2009 as a creative outlet for his food obsessions, namely cupcakes, organic dairy products, and vegetarian eats. You can expect to find posts about all of those, and more. You may, at some point, read some restaurant reviews, product news, or rants about something having to do with food. You have been warned.

Before Tofu Fighting, Michael Doss wrote the Liberal Atheist Vegetarian blog for the Orange County Register, where he covered those topics in a (hopefully) entertaining way. Now defunct, you may still find interesting tidbits in the site's vegetarian section. When he's not busy here, he also writes daily at Insignifica.org, his personal blog.

Michael lives in Santa Ana with his girlfriend, daughter, and a stocked fridge.

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