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vnanewsletter.jpgHello Readers! A quick update to let you all know that yours truly has the cover story on this month's Vegetarian Network of Austin newsletter, "Austin Vegetarian Living". It's about how to eat vegetarian/vegan at Mexican restaurants (and how difficult it can be).

I'm hoping to start posting here more, with links to other great blogs and original stuff. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Damn you, El Pollo Loco...

Based on what I can gather from this post over at the Fast Food Maven, El Pollo Loco's rice, while never anything special, will no longer be vegetarian once it's reformulated in the coming months. That's too bad, because their BRC burritos are a semi-staple for me (well, I go there once a month or so), and it's always been nice to have another burrito choice besides Del Taco and Taco Bell. Alas, if the only thing I can eat there is the beans, I very likely won't go anymore. I'm sure I'm not the only vegetarian, either.

Burrito Based Economy

I love burritos. I love search engine manipulation. What fun is a food blog if you don't use both together?

I noticed this morning that there were no results on either Google or Yahoo! for the phrase "burrito based economy" - I was sure someone, at some point, would have used those words in that order, but apparently not. I wrote about it on my regular blog this morning, and within the hour, there was one hit for the phrase - my site.

While I just find it funny, lots of websites would give their left knee for such quick indexing by The Google. I link here from there quite often - we'll see how fast TofuFighting gets on the burrito bandwagon. If it's fast, I should start selling links...

Update: I hadn't checked until just now (9:10pm), but this post is now the top result for the search. Nice.

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