Burrito Based Economy

I love burritos. I love search engine manipulation. What fun is a food blog if you don't use both together?

I noticed this morning that there were no results on either Google or Yahoo! for the phrase "burrito based economy" - I was sure someone, at some point, would have used those words in that order, but apparently not. I wrote about it on my regular blog this morning, and within the hour, there was one hit for the phrase - my site.

While I just find it funny, lots of websites would give their left knee for such quick indexing by The Google. I link here from there quite often - we'll see how fast TofuFighting gets on the burrito bandwagon. If it's fast, I should start selling links...

Update: I hadn't checked until just now (9:10pm), but this post is now the top result for the search. Nice.

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