A post a day? Really?

My friend Cyn, writer of the much-prettier-than-tofufighting Furey and the Feast, has given herself a challenge - post every weekday in March.


I post every weekday at my "regular" blog, insignifica.org. Lemme tell ya - it's not easy. There tends to be enough general stuff happening in my life, however, to fill up a few sentences every morning - sometimes 4, sometimes 20. But food blogging tends to be a little more intensive, with more photos, more documentation (recipes, reviews, etc.) and a more narrative feel. All that takes time, doubly so if you want a dash of quality thrown in.

Being a masochist, liking a challenge, and needing an excuse to get the ball rolling here, I'm going to try the same thing. Some days will be big posts with pictures, recipes, and commentary. Others might just have a mini-review of a new product or restaurant. And some days, I might just ask you a question and fill my self-imposed quota.

It is still my site, after all.

So let's get started with the quota-filling question: What foods are you reluctant (or just plain unwilling) to try/use? It could be for any reason: I don't use eggplant because it always tastes bad to me, and I'm allergic to it's family (though I love a lot of the other members). As a vegetarian, this tends to make my life a little more difficult than it needs to be. Alas, for cooking there's always zucchini, which can often be substituted well.

How about you?


A partner in foodblogging crime! I love it. It's hard to find the time to write every day (and there's steam coming out of my ears), but man oh man, when you hit that "publish" button, there's a moment in which you sit there in love and complete peace with your blog. Your Q: I hate peas. I will not eat them or cook them and I pick them out of everything. Childhood trauma.

Bell peppers! I don't like the taste. :( Frustrating, because I absolutely love the color it adds to dishes.

But I'm trying to teach my palate to like things it normally doesn't -- starting with the milder yellow bell pepper.

I also can't do bell peppers, generally. Green ruin just about any food they're in, while red is fine, in small amounts or as a sauce. I'm not sure I've had yellow separate from the others. I'm picky about my chili peppers in general. Some I love, some I really can't stand.

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