Ice cream meetup?

This morning, I made a maple crunch ice cream, as my cream needed using and the maple candy I made last week wasn't getting any fresher. It turned out really well, and got me thinking: Are there enough LA/OC folks out there who make their own ice creams to have a meetup and tasting?

I've thought about doing it with cupcakes, and while it'd be fun, there are only so many cupcakes you can try in an evening. But with ice cream, you can get the full experience with a spoonful, leaving you open to five to ten more spoonfuls are the night goes on. I'm not sure, though, if many/any of my blogging friends even make their own. Your thoughts and input welcome!


Dude, love the idea! Count me in. And I'll set a reminder in my phone this time!!!

Love this idea. Does it matter that I'm not incredibly experienced in ice cream-making?

It's actually really easy, once you have an ice cream maker! The trick is finding interesting flavor combinations.

Hahaha -- I have 2 ice cream makers (one of them is a soft serve dispenser I got as a gift) -- but I hardly ever use them. It's sad, I know.

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