Meat's kinda bad for you

Not that I had to tell all of you this, but...

Study: Lots of red meat increases mortality risk

By CARLA K. JOHNSON, AP Medical Writer Carla K. Johnson, Ap Medical Writer

CHICAGO - The largest study of its kind finds that older Americans who eat large amounts of red meat and processed meats face a greater risk of death from heart disease and cancer. The federal study of more than half a million men and women bolsters prior evidence of the health risks of diets laden with red meat like hamburger and processed meats like hot dogs, bacon and cold cuts.

The surprising parts of of this study for me were all the numbers involved:

Over 10 years, eating the equivalent of a quarter-pound hamburger daily gave men in the study a 22 percent higher risk of dying of cancer and a 27 percent higher risk of dying of heart disease. That's compared to those who ate the least red meat, just 5 ounces per week.

Women who ate large amounts of red meat had a 20 percent higher risk of dying of cancer and a 50 percent higher risk of dying of heart disease than women who ate less.

Those numbers, of course, are kinda scary. I don't blame the meat entirely - I'm sure most people that have meat as a major component of every meal probably aren't skimping on the rest of the high fat menu. Also amazing to me is that more than half a million people were involved in the study - that's huge.

The story also has the obligatory comment from the meat industry denying the connection, but also throws in a couple sentences about the positive environmental aspects of eating less meat. I wish they'd throw around less "global warming" and maybe add some "increased energy usage" and "damaging to the water table", but it'll do.

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