Black and White Cupcakes

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I'm a lazy blogger, and I'll continue to be so for a while. That said, please enjoy the pictures of my birthday cupcakes. They're a basic chocolate cupcake with white or black frosting, and each then paired with an opposite-color accent. I used white sugar, white gel icing, black gel icing, chocolate chips, Hershey's Kisses, powdered sugar, Oreos, cookie crumbs, sprinkles, and Pocky, as well as a few interesting techniques to get some of the designs.

You'll notice they're all complimentary flavors, too (mostly chocolate and sugar) - the book I stole the idea from, the otherwise beautiful "Hello, Cupcake", looks great, but doesn't seem to mind if your vanilla frosting is paired with chewy licorice, or both soft cookies and hard candies. I wanted to make attractive and tasty treats, and I think I succeeded.

Click on any photo below for the picture on my flickr page, where you can see very high-res shots and a few others that I didn't post here. Enjoy!





1 Comment

CUTE! My favorite is the happy face.

And ditto on your lazy blogger statement.

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