Recaps and More Water

Yesterday's Cupcake event was fun, even though we had two "forgets" and one "late" - still, it was nice to see friends I don't get to see often. We'll definitely do another one of these soon. I'm thinking Mondays at lunchtime (and in the evening), as I do a lot of my baking on Sunday night...

For a little further discussion on water, I've decided to boycott Brita because they're evil horrible scaremongers. Well, they produced this, at least:

Remember, kids: water from clean-looking-but-often-parasite-infested streams is great, and you should drink it. But the water from your tap is horrible and evil, and you need our filter to save you from it, and make it more like the parasite-infested stuff.

If you haven't noticed, boycotting is second nature to me. I have entire countries on my shit list. I can even make that today's question: What, if anything, do you actively boycott? Extra points if it's food-related. 

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