On Water

My brother, sister and mom got together yesterday, and the topic of water came up - specifically, what we drink, won't drink, and where we get it.

Maybe because I like convenience, or because I'm cheap, but all my water comes from the tap. I drink very little plain water, but everything I cook with, mix with, clean with and boil with is good 'ol municipal H20. Apparently I'm the rare one here - my siblings and mother all hate the taste of tap water, and get their drinking water from a variety of other sources - bottled water services, home filters, or "water stores". Oddly enough, individual bottled water didn't come up.

What's your view? I can totally understand if someone doesn't like the taste of tap water, but I get very angry when people say or infer that it's somehow bad/dirty/not worth drinking - it's an elitist attitude and not at all founded in truth (we have some of the cleanest drinking water in the world). I can't see the justification for the cost of paying extra for water, or even for filters. Where do you get yours? Do you use filtered/delivered water for boiling/cooking as well as drinking? Water plays into many of my dishes in some way or another, yet I rarely think much about it.


Do you know about the whole banner bottled water in SF for public employees thing?

I use a Brita to drink, tap water to cook...cat drinks tap...I know some people that give their animals filtered water. I can't stand individually bottled water, tho do get them on occasion when I forget my refillable one.

We get bottled water for parties, because we realize that it's easier and some people don't care for the taste of tap. For individual bottles the two of us use, we reuse them (dishwasher after a couple fill-ups) before recycling.

I haven't heard about the SF thing.

Penn and Teller did a special on this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfPAjUvvnIc

Bottled water is the biggest scam in the world and capitalizes on the supreme power of suggestion.

My only real concern with tap water from a drinking perspective is the temperature. Unless I'm working out I prefer my drinking water cold. We have a purifier on the tap that we use for cooking, etc, but I entirely recognize that it's much more beneficial for my mental health than the physical.

As far as bottled water we do buy it regularly, but mostly for the on-the-go convenience. I justify the ridiculousness of the cost an environmental impact by reminding myself that I work for my money and can spend it in whatever foolish way I like, and insisting on recycling the bottles I do purchase. It's a flimsy excuse, but it gets me through the day...

I don't prefer tap water because of the taste. Especially at my work, for some reason, the tap water tastes more mineral-y the longer it sits out. At home, I always use tap water when I'm boiling or cooking something. But for drinking purposes, I use a filter or refill the big water jugs at the store, and fill up my canteen. Say NO to individual bottled water!

It's funny how many people don't like tap water. I agree with OCKerouac above - if it's cold, I mind it much less than if it's lukewarm out of the tap. But I'll just use small bottles and fill them with tap water if that's how I want it. More often than not, though, I'm drinking something with bubbles.

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