Meet and Eat tonight!

Due to a response I certainly wasn't expecting, we're having today's "Meet and Eat" cupcake giveaway in the evening instead of lunchtime - that way, more people will be able to stop by. We'll be at The District in Tustin starting around 8pm, in the courtyard in front of the AMC movie theaters. We'll either be at one of the round cafe tables, or in one of the couch-fireplace deals they've got there. Good times!

Other notes of interest:

Speaking of The District, my friend Elysse James has a review of the newest restaurant there, Marmalade Cafe. While meat is certainly their thing, they've got a good number of menu items that look vegetarian. Check it out.

On a totally unrelated subject, I recently got Sur La Table's "The Art and Soul of Baking", and I'm going through it now. So far, it's a great mix of recipes, techniques, terms and science. I'll have a full review sometime soon.

Advice for the day: Make yourself a "Thanksgiving"-style dinner sometime soon (in the Spring, at least) - last night we had a Tofurky roast (and stuffing), gravy, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, and cranberries. It was wholly satisfying.

See y'all tonight!


I'm sad I'll miss this!!! :( do a lunch one next time!

I am KICKING myself that I missed this. I forgot :( How did it go??

It was fun! A few people showed, and we drank coffee and wondered if anyone else was coming, or if any strangers were going to ask for cupcakes =) We'll definitely do this again!

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