On the menu...

All sorts of baking, cooking, preparing, and eating to do this weekend:

Tonight I baked a variety of Amish Friendship breads - some muffins, some mini loaves, and a big loaf. They were all the same dough, but the variety in types is due mostly to wanting to make a bunch of muffins, but realizing I'd be up until 2 in the morning if I went that route. Instead, I made loaves to use up the huge batch of batter faster. If you'd like some, please ask.

Tomorrow I'm going to my first flavor tripping party - thrown by a foodie friend, even. I've acquired a bunch of very sour, very delicious kumquats to test the before-and-after effects of the miracle berries. I'm very excited!

Having some leftover maple syrup and an overinflated sense of my candy-making skills, I tried to make some maple caramel last night, but ended up instead with a sort of grainy maple meltaways, not quite a hard crack, but not at all soft. So what to do? Ice cream - I'll make a richer-than-usual ice cream, and incorporate the candy. I have high expectations for it.

Since it's been a while, Sunday might find me making pizza, cupcakes, or both. If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen.

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