Wanted: "Authentic" Mexican food in Orange County

veggiemex.jpgAlmost exactly two years ago (while writing at Liberal Atheist Vegetarian), I set out to find the best vegetarian Mexican food in OC. Judging the difference between a good enchilada platter and a bad one is the easy part - the real challenge is actually finding "authentic"-style restaurants that are vegetarian friendly. From the original post:

I'm looking for the best Mexican restaurants in (and around -- I'm willing to make a short drive) Orange County. They can be large chain restaurants, small mom-and-pop places, fast food, even non-traditional styles. Where do you like to eat?

There are a few rules. All of the base ingredients must be vegetarian. This includes the beans, rice, tortillas (corn and flour), and chips. They must use vegetarian cooking oil, and there should be something vegetarian on the menu beyond a bean and cheese burrito. If you're not sure, suggest a place and I'll do the research.

These don't have to be all-vegetarian restaurants - in fact, I'd kinda prefer if they weren't. I'm looking for a good Socal-style Mexican restaurant experience that I can share with my meat-eating friends, but where I'm not limited by ingredients. 

So I need your help. Throw out ideas of locations you like to eat - either places you already know about, or somewhere that looks promising. I'll compile results (with a breakdown of both their vegetarianness and tastiness) and list them here. If you're interested, I'd even like to go out to your favorite places with you, so there's a meetup aspect to this as well.

What's good?


Disclaimer: not OC (but 5 friendly). besides you have been looking for 2 years in the OC with no luck, so time to move on.

Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant in LA is authentic, and all at least veggie (not all vegan)

its at
5511 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles CA

Flore cafe on sunset has eastsider tacos to die for, but that is about the extent of the mexican food they have. Cinnamons is awesome if you can make it up this way

i've never been there, but i've heard from several vegans that taco loco in laguna beach is amazing.

Taco Loco is very, very good (and has great atmosphere), but it's very much "California" food with Mexican themes. I'd equate it more to Wahoo's/Baja style. It's great food, but I'd love to find a "Traditional" Mexican sit-down style place that's super veggie friendly.

Taco Loco is indeed amazing. Not sure how "traditional" a hemp burger or faux fish taco is, but they're certainly tasty. They cook the veg stuff in separate pans too so it's all good like that. They serve beer and are open til 2am on the weekends and 12 on the weeknights. They put mushrooms on everything, it seems to be a theme around there.

Damn, I might head there tonight.

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