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Try as I might, I'm realizing that I can't hope to post an extended recipe entry every day - and like I've said before, that's OK. But I can try to broaden my horizons every day, and you can help:

What other food blogs are you reading?

I have a few friend's sites to the left there, but truth be told, I'm not really someone who reads a lot of stranger's blogs (though comment on my site once, and you're not a stranger anymore). That said, I'd like to find some. Vegetarian-themed is fine, and I like baking, but I think there's value in all sites, as long as they're not meat-only. What are you reading that's funny, or inspirational, or just plain good?

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Dude, Cakewrecks (www.cakewrecks.blogspot.com) is awesome. I can spend hours on there reading and re-reading posts, and the photos are great too.

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