Quick question for everyone to ponder over and argue about: Outside the actually staff members I know, just about everyone I've met who I'd consider pretty hardcore vegans and vegetarians doesn't care for the practices of PETA. I happen to find them very, very entertaining, but a lot of people think they go to far.

What's your take? Are there specific things they do that you don't like? Are they generally a good group? Often I'll talk to people who say they hate PETA, but can't give me any real reasons. Do you have some?


I like PETA. I think just like seemingly every other group, there are those extremists that kind of ruin it for everyone.

A lot of the time I agree with them, then they do stuff like sue on behalf of cows regarding the "happy cows come from California" campaign, and I just roll my eyes. They would have much more credibility, and I think be much more effectual if they didn't due such 'out there' stuff. They call it 'out there' for a reason.

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