Cutting it close...

I hate posting this late, but I said I'd post every weekday in March, and doggoneit, I've got another 14 minutes to entertain you.

That said, this'll be a short and sweet entry - emphasis on "sweet". I'll post the full recipe in a few days, but for Pi Day I made a Banana Cream Cheesecake pie (with homemade chocolate whipped cream), and try as I might to mess it up, it turned out as perfect as I could every hope for - great banana flavor, perfectly cooked crust, and a smooth, velvety texture. Note to myself for next time: I know you think block cream cheese is as easy to bake with as the organic whipped stuff at Trade Joe's. You're wrong. Go shopping special.

I'm pressed for time and energy this week, but you'll get your five posts. I promise, however, nothing involving either corned beef or cabbage for St. Patrick's day.

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